no specific reason. hormones are raging, so i get annoyed at nothing easily these days.

i’m sorry. can i do anything to make you feel better

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well i’ll warn you back that i’m no gem either. i’m not wearing any make-up and i’m not in the best mood.

why whats wrong? :(

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how childish.

these are hello kitty.

grinch tho >

i’m going to have to warn you that i’m not very cute right now since my face is kinda burnt and i’m wearing dorky glasses

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yea because i’m damn awesome like that.

well i already knew that, but i didn’t even know we owned a waffle maker. i used to have one that was in the shape of the grinch.

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good if you said we were having pancakes we would’ve had a problem. waffles all day son yo

I’m in the kitchen with Ashlyn. you should come in here because I’m almost done.

you cooked waffles? not frozen kind?

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Blue Wind by Jenna Ushkowitz

Album: Spring Awakening
Played: 670 times


Jenna Ushkowitz - Blue Wind 

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Michael Jackson by Kevin McHale

Album: Kevin McHale News
Played: 1,229 times


Kevin McHale: The Voice

Lea Michele has Barbra Streisand. Naya Rivera has Amy Winehouse. Kevin McHale, indisputably, has Michael Jackson. From “Thriller” to “Black or White,” McHale has partaken in a number of Michael Jackson numbers, either as lead or as part of the larger group. In all of these, he shines.

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i’m fucking blind

the radio has played The Motto like four times in the past few hours lol

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yaaaaay i’m an artist. :D

look at us we’re growing

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daily worried about Jenna post

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how many times have i fallen asleep on my ipad or computer like why do i think these things double as a pillow

i don’t even like pillows i’d rather have my head on the mattress

or evidently—electronics

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